Types of Contributions

There are three main types of contributions to Percy, all of which are equally important.

Documentation / Book Contributions / Examples

Our documentation is the first thing that anyone interested in using Percy will see. Before installing the tools, running the examples or starting up their own project they'll peruse the documentation to get a sense of Percy's design and how to get started.

Because of this, documentation and book contributions are incredibly useful and important.

While it's common for projects to dismiss typo fixes as unimportant contributions, we feel the complete opposite. We strive for getting as close to "perfect documentation" as possible, and anything that brings us a step closer matters.


Scroll around the codebase. If you don't instantly understand something then it is poorly documented. Open up an issue or PR with your ideas on how it can be better communicated.

Book Contributions

If there's a section that you think is missing from the book, PR the title of that section with some placeholder text.

We're totally fine with not having book contributions fully fleshed out right away!

Having a placeholder makes it easy for yourself or someone else to feel motivated one day and start hitting the keyboard.

# To view the book locally as you edit
cd book && mdbook serve --open

If you can't figure out how exactly to implement something within 5 minutes that might mean that you were underserved by the examples directory.

Open up an issue with your question or an idea with how to craft an example that would have answered it!

Building Something with Percy

When you're building a real application you run into problems, trade-offs and considerations that you never could have thought of up front.

We want to uncover those problems and either address them in the main toolkit or point people in the right direction for how to solve them in user land.

The more people that are using Percy to build things, the more of these problems we can fix and/or suggest approaches for.

If you have an idea for something that you can build with Percy then get started. Feel free to open up an issue with any questions or thoughts that you might have. Also open issues / PRs as you run into problems / annoyances.