landon is a collection of heavily unit and integration tested tooling, data structures and methods for exporting data (such as meshes and armatures) from 3d modeling software and preparing it for your rendering pipeline.

You'll typically spawn a Blender process, run a landon Blender python script (optionally supplemented with your own script(s)) that prints the data that you need to stdout and then parse this data into one of landon's types such as BlenderMesh or BlenderArmature.

While landon's exporters are focuses on Blender at this time, if you'd like to help exporting data from other software feel free to open an issue.

// ...
let meshes = blender_mesh::parse_meshes_from_blender_stdout(&blender_stdout).unwrap();
let armatures = blender_armature::parse_armatures_from_blender_stdout(&blender_stdout).unwrap();
// ...


  • Make it as easy as possible to take something from Blender and render it in your application without compromising on flexibility.
    • We favor unopinionated APIs supplemented guides on best practices so that you have the flexibility to do what you need to do if our best practices don't fit your use case.

Example Use Cases

Some examples of things that landon might help you do include:

  • Export all of the meshes in a .blend file into a collection of BlenderMesh's and call methods to get the vertex data such as positions, uvs and normals from that BlenderMesh.

  • Export all of the armatures in a .blend file and call methods to get the interpolated joint data at a certain keyframe to power your skeletal animation.